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You may view or download any part(s) of this website for the purposes of personal viewing, study or research. You are not permitted without permission to store it (or any part thereof) other than for the purposes set out above in this paragraph, print out copies except for your own personal viewing; or reproduce, copy or transmit it (or any part thereof) in any other way for any other purpose or in any other medium. You are not entitled to alter the content in any way. You are not entitled to make use of any resources on this web site, including hypertext links to any part of this site without permission of a website representative. If in doubt, or for more information, please contact a website representative.

When is Copyright permission required?

Copyright comes into effect when your use of archival material goes beyond research or private study, for example, if you will use the material to publish/produce:

  • A book, newspaper, pamphlet, etc.;
  • A Web site public exhibit;
  • An advertisement, poster;
  • Curriculum support, academic paper;
  • A film, radio, television or internet broadcast or
  • When quoting a significant portion of a work

Basically, copyright applies if your work will be reproduced or viewed by many people. It is your responsibility as a user to determine if the material you use is subject to copyright, who holds copyright, how to contact them and if your use of copyrighted material constitutes an infringement under the Copyright Act.

The owners of this web site, The Royal Newfoundland Regiment Regimental Advisory Council (RAC), are bound by the Canadian Copyright Act. The RAC has sought to fully comply with this Act in preparing material for publication on this site.  Portions of the web site material were created by members of the RAC; other material was obtained from existing sources. Accordingly, the RAC and its delegates have obtained permission, or attempted to obtain permission, from those who authored the material. The exception provided under the Act is when the author died prior to 1945; this material is considered to be in the public domain under the Act. Material published by the Crown is considered to be in the public domain.

All photographs produced in 1949 or before are in the public domain.

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