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Typical Scenes from World War 1 - 'The Great War'

There are few pictures that better portray conditions in the trenches than this one. Cramped, crowded, and chaotic:  a scene that is almost incredible today. (WW1Photos.com)

During a lull, two soldiers get a rest; in the front line, sleep is an infantryman's rarest treasure, and if not sleeping, he was writing home, reading a letter, or cleaning his rifle. Note the care with which the three rifles are covered, two with bayonets fixed. There is probably a third soldier asleep inside the dark dugout. (WW1Photos.com)

A different view of  Thiepval (across the Ancre valley from Beaumont Hamel) than what is seen today. (WW1Photos.com)

At Windmill Cemetery, Monchy-le-Preux, visitors today will find the graves of two Newfoundland soldiers. (From John Keegan 'The First World War', p.366)

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