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Soldiers' Graves (under construction)

(All Gallipoli headstone photos are  due to the hard work of Ian Kelly. The headstone image can be enlarged by clicking).

Known Regimental Grave Sites are listed alphabetically.  Click on the name to view the headstone, cemetery name and location, Commonwealth War Grave Commission (CWGC) data for WW 1 and WW 2  regarding the cemetery and grave location in the cemetery, and possibly a photo (if available).  CWGC data is not available prior to 1914.

When time and energy permits, our plan is to also provide a listing sorted by cemetery name which may assist those wanting to visit all Regimental graves at a given location if they do not know all the names.

One grave is an unusual case. Pte Patrick, W.J.W., , a Newfoundlander, was killed while serving with  the 16th Battalion, Australian Infantry. Click on Patrick (see above link) to see the site of Pte Patrick.

Bewhey, E.
Blyde, M.J.
Brown, J.M.
Carew, D.M.
Dunphy, J.
Ebsary, H.E.
Ellsworth, J.
Fitzgerald, J.
Hardy, W.F.
Hiscock, S.
Hynes, J.J.
Knight, G.S.
Lodge, S.T.
McWhirter, H.W.
Morris, R.
Murphy, W.J.
Roberts, F.
Roper, F.C.
Simms, G.
Squibb, J.
Tibbo, J.J.
Wighton, C. Capt.


CWGC Grave Site Data Headstone Cemetery
Pte Bewhey, E.
Pte Blyde, M. J.
Hill 10
Pte Brown, J.M.
Pte Carew, D.M.
Hill 10
Pte Dunphy, J.
Pte Ebsary, H.E.
Hill 10
Pte Ellsworth J.
Pte Fitzgerald, J.
Pte Hardy, W.F.
Hill 10
Pte Hiscock, S.
Hill 10
Pte Hynes, J.J.
Pte Knight, G.S.
Pte Lodge, S.T.
Pte McWhirter, H.W.
Hill 10
Pte Morris, R.
Pte Murphy, W.J.
Pte Patrick, W.J.W.
Pte Roberts, F.
Hill 10
Pte Roper, F.C.
Pte Simms, G.
Pte Squibb, J.
Hill 10
Pte Tibbo, J.J.
Capt Wighton, C.


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