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LCol Hadow Collection Donated to Museum
Published: 7/3/2016

A very significant and important contribution was made to the Regimental Museum on June 30, 2016.

On the eve of the centennial anniversary of the tragic Battle of Beaumont-Hamel fought on 1 July, 1916, the Hadow family presented  a collection owned by Lieutenant-Colonel A.L. Hadow, Commanding Officer of the Newfoundland Regiment when the Regiment 'went over the top'.

(Robert Young)

Having travelled from the U.K. for the presentation, the grandchildren of LCol Hadow, Rosemary, Juliette, Celia, John, and Robert, jointly presented their collection to Chris Butt, who accepted them on behalf the Museum of the Regimental Advisory Council.

The Hadows: (L-R) John, Celia, Rosemary, Juliette, Robert

The collection consists of the medals of LCol Hadow, his miniatures, a silver salver or tray, and a notebook belonging to LCol Hadow.

The medals are: Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George (CMG), Indian General Service, Tibet, 14-15 Star, British War medal, Victory Medal, and the Order of the Nile.

The salver is of particular and poignant interest. It was presented as a wedding gift to LCol Hadow and his bride in April, 1916, by all the officers of the Regiment.

All officer signatures were engraved. After the war, LCol Hadow added the dates when officers were killed in action.

Also in the collection is a small notebook which LCol Hadow kept over his military service, in which he recorded aide memoires and detailed items of military interest.

Speaking at the presentation were Chris Butt and, for the family, John Hadow. Chris gave a detailed and informative  account of Col Hadow's career and his contributions to the Regiment. LCol Hadow was the longest-serving CO of the Regiment, serving from Nov 1915 to 1917. He is credited with rebuilding the Regiment after it suffered some 600 medical casualties at Gallipoli, and making it the effective battalion it needed to be to serve on the Western Front.

An emotional occasion for the Hadows

The Hadows were thanked by Chris on behalf of the RAC for their generous donation.

The major players: the Museum Committee (left). Chris Butt, Tony MacAllister, and the Hadow family
(Unless otherwise noted, all photos are by Ian Kelly)


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