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The Drill Hall - Gone
Published: 12/10/2016


Many of you who spent their early military days in the Outerbridge Drill Hall in Pleasantville will not recognise this picture of where the Drill Hall was. This is all that is left. The wrecking crews came in last week (5 Dec).

The Outerbridge Drill Hall was built, I think, in 1968 (correct us if we are wrong). Its recent removal marks another milestone in military history - many recall Buckmasters Field, then Pleasantville, followed by the Drill Hall, and now the new Paddon Building. That's how many of us mark who was around, and who our friends were.

So, time moves on, inevitably. All the other buildings are pretty well all gone now too - 308, 310, 311, 312. Farewell.

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