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1st Bn and RAC Honour ANZAC Day and Regt Birthday
Published: 5/11/2018

The ANZAC Commemorative Parade was carried out on Saturday, 28 April, 2018 near Branch 56 Pleasantville, at the Regiment's Pleasantville Monument.

This event is held annually at this time to mark the Regiment's role in the battle of Gallipoli. As a result of this action, the Regiment became allied with the Royal New South Wales Regiment of Australia. Lieutenant Colonel Kurt Brown, Australian Defence Advisor to Canada, attended the ceremony. Taking the General Salute was Seamus O'Regan, Associate Minister of National Defence.

The ceremony included soldiers of the 1st Battalion, Royal Newfoundland Regiment, and members of the Royal Canadian Legion.

Part of the 1st Bn on parade

The Legion Colour Party and Regimental Band trumpeter

Mr. Taylan Aydin of the Turkish Embassy

The monument is in rough shape and requires some TLC
A notable guest for the ceremony was a representative of the government of Turkey (pictured).

This year's event was also notable for the exceptionally fine weather. The parade usually happens in miserable conditions.

Other events during the weekend further highlighted this commemoration. An informal Meet and Greet Reception, hosted by the Regimental Advisory Council, took place at CFS St. John's on Friday, 27 April.

To celebrate the Regiment's 223rd Birthday, a Regimental Dinner and Ball was held Saturday evening, 28 April, at CFS St. John's.

(All photos courtesy of Ian Kelly)


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