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Former Appointments and Personnel

Former Honourary Colonels and Honourary Lieutenant Colonels

HCol Sir Leonard Outerbridge
HCol Campbell Eaton
HCol James McLoughlan
HCol Fabian O’Dea
HCol Dr. Noel Murphy
HCol Ian Reid
HCol Edward Roberts
HCol John Crosbie

1 Bn
HLCol Albert Martin (prior to 2 Bn)
HLCol Campbell Eaton (1968-75)
HLCol James McLoughlan
HLCol John Allston
HLCol Ian Reid
HLCol Kevin Hutchings
HLCol Earl Ludlow

2 Bn
HLCol Allan Goodridge 1975
HLCol Dick Alexander


Commanding Officers (1949-75)*


1949 LCol Jos O'Driscoll
1952 LCol Aiden Woodford
1954 LCol Austin Purchase
1955 LCol Walter Tucker
1959 LCol Jack Marshall
1963 LCol John T Allston
1968 LCol James F Molloy
1972 LCol Norman Bull
1974 LCol Alec Cowan

CWO Bernard Bartlett

CWO Clare Husk

CWO Mac Blackmore

CWO Shannon Mills

CWO Wilson Price

CWO Harvey Goodyear

*The 2nd Bn was formed in 1975
1st Battalion Commanding Officers
Year Name
1975 LCol Barry Mackay
1978 LCol Gordon Barnes
1980 LCol Ernest Shute
1983 LCol Wayne Foster
1989 LCol Barry Mackay
1993 LCol Edward Ring
1994 LCol David Bondurant
1997 LCol Perry Grandy
2003 LCol Sean Leonard
200? LCol John MacDonald
2009 LCol Alex Brennan
2012 LCol Andrew Heale
2015 LCol Paul Furlong
2019 LCol Kyle Strong


2nd Battalion Commanding Officers
Year Name
1975 LCol Rod Kennedy
1978 LCol Neil Harvey
1983 LCol Brian Wentzell
1988 LCol Alton Whelan
1990 LCol R Kemp
1993 LCol R Schutte
1996 LCol J Shipley
2006 LCol WA Sutherland
2007 LCol Maurice Hynes
2009 LCol John MacDonald
2012 LCol C Russell
2015 LCol Kevin Bond


Former RSMs (information being gathered)

(prior to 2 Bn 1975)

CWO Bernard Bartlett
CWO Mac Blackmore
CWO Clare Husk
CWO Wilson Price
CWO Shannon Mills

1 Bn
CWO Harvey Goodyear
CWO Bill Strange
CWO Robert A Murphy
CWO Bill Hickey
CWO John Tarrant
CWO Gerard Brennan
CWO Ken Lutz
CWO Terry Hurley
CWO Wayne Allen

CWO E Nolan

2 Bn
CWO George F Mugford
CWO Joe Kennedy
CWO Clyde Doucette
CWO Ray Murrin


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