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History Since 1949: The Modern Royal Newfoundland Regiment

On 1 April, 1949 Newfoundland became Canada’s tenth province. In October, as one of the Terms of Confederation with Canada, His Majesty King George granted permission to remuster the Newfoundland Regiment as a militia unit. On 24 October the Newfoundland Regiment was placed on the Canadian Army Reserve Establishment. In November, King George approved the granting of the title “Royal” to the newly remustered regiment. The first unit Commanding Officer was Lieutenant Colonel J.P. O’Driscoll a veteran of both World Wars.

In 1950, new companies were formed at Corner Brook and Grand Falls. In 1953, The Royal Newfoundland Regiment removed their Canadian Infantry Corps badge in favor of a Caribou Head, the symbol of the Regiment in the First World War. This was followed shortly by the official recognition by Queen Elizabeth II of an alliance between The Royal Newfoundland Regiment and The Royal Scots which honoured the affiliation of both regiments throughout nearly two hundred years of military history.

Today, The Royal Newfoundland Regiment forms part of the 37 Canadian Brigade Group (CBG) which includes:

  • 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise’s)
  • 3rd Field Artillery Regiment, RCA (The Loyal Company
  • 37 Combat Engineer Regiment
  • 1st Battalion Royal New Brunswick Regiment
  • 2nd Battalion Royal New Brunswick Regiment
  • 1st Battalion Royal Newfoundland Regiment
  • 2nd Battalion Royal Newfoundland Regiment
  • 37 Service Battalion

37 CBG in turn is part of 5 Canadian Division (formerly Land Forces Atlantic Area (LFAA) with headquarters in Halifax, NS. 5 Can Div  controls both the Regular Force and Reserve components operating in the four Atlantic Provinces. 5 Can Div  includes four Regular Force units and 23 Reserve Units consisting of some 7000 personnel. Previously, the position of  Commander LFAA was filled by Regimental officers on two occasions, reflecting the high degree of officer capability in the Regiment.

The mission of  5 Can Div is to recruit and train highly effective combat soldiers capable of serving in any military operation in Canada or overseas and to assist in the provision of a Immediate Reaction Force for domestic operations or in aid of the civil power. Soldiers of the modern Royal Newfoundland Regiment train locally at their home garrisons and at summer training centers such as CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick and Aldershot, Nova Scotia. This specialized training ensures that each soldier is operationally ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Unique in the training system is the Reserve Concentration which usually occurs in late summer. Here soldiers are introduced to combat readiness and undertake training necessary to develop the skills required of soldiers serving in peace keeping and combat operations abroad.

Other training exercises occur from time to time at other bases in Canada and the U.S.

Soldiers in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment have served, with distinction, in nearly every overseas deployment authorized by the Canadian military. Deployments have included Cyprus, Golan Heights, Sierra Leone, Germany, Yugoslavia, as well as Afghanistan.

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