The Royal Newfoundland Regiment

The association

Who we are

The Royal Newfoundland Regiment association is a private, third-party association to the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. 

Made up of former and current members, the association is the place where the regimental family comes together. 


What we do

The Regimental association is responsible for providing lasting links to former members, and sustaining and augmenting the Royal Newfoundland Regiment in a civilian capacity. Whether that be through public engagement, satellite activities or simply a support network, the association deals with all civilian matters when it pertains to the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. 

As a reserve unit, 1st Battalion has the following training schedule:

-Every Thursday evening from 7pm to 10pm

-At least one weekend a month 

However, members of 1st Battalion gain opportunities for further employment, through in-house (full-time) positions, as well as additional work days, if circumstances require.

Become Better than the best

 What do you get when you join the 1st Battalion?

-For students you get the opportunity for gainful, flexible employment while you complete your education. Whether it be at Memorial University, or College of the North Atlantic, the Regiment understands your education comes first. If you are a student, you can also avail of our tuition reimbursement programs, with no strings attached. 

-A second career. When you join the 1st Battalion you get to step into the world of the Canadian Armed Forces. This opens up a new career path for you, if you want it, with a variety of jobs and taskings available.

-Join a team. 1st Battalion members develop close bonds that follow them throughout their lives. Join the team and become one of us, while also serving in Newfoundland’s most prestigious Regiment.

-Discover your capabilities. Being an infanteer is not easy. Joining the Regiment will push you to your limits, but will also show you what you are truly capable of, and make you realize that you can do a lot more than what you think. This embodies our motto: become “Better than the best”

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