The Royal Newfoundland Regiment

2nd Battalion - Corner Brook, Grand Falls Windsor, Stephenville

Who we are

2nd Battalion is the Royal Newfoundland Regiment outside of the Avalon peninsula.

We have 3 companies located in the following locations:

-Alpha Company and HQ : Corner Brook

-Bravo Company: Grand Falls Windsor

-Charlie Company- Stephenville

What we do

2nd Battalion’s main tasking is as the 5th Canadian Division Arctic Response Group, ensuring the safety of the North-Eastern Arctic region. 

As such, 2nd Battalion members excel in arctic and cold weather warfare. Whether it’s patrolling the far north, snowmobiling, or shelter-making, our soldiers are better than the best when it comes to arctic operations.

when we train

We train every Thursday evening from 7pm to 10pm at all three of our company garrisons. 

We do one weekend a month, at a minimum and a cumulative exercise with 1st Battalion at least once a year.



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