The Royal Newfoundland Regiment

About us

our History

Predecessor units trace their origins to 1795, and since 1949 we have been a unit of the Canadian Army. During the First World War the battalion-sized Newfoundland Regiment was the only North American unit to fight in the Gallipoli campaign of 1915. Later in the war the regiment took heavy losses at Beaumont Hamel on July 1, 1916, the first day of the Battle of the Somme, but was rebuilt and continued to serve throughout France and Belgium until the armistice, serving as part of the British Army of the Rhine in 1919. In December 1917, George V bestowed the regiment with the right to use the prefix royal before its name. We were the only military unit to receive this honour during the First World War.

During the Second World War, the Newfoundland Militia was raised for defence and renamed the Newfoundland Regiment in 1943. The regiment remained in a home-defence role and also trained recruits for the two regiments of the Royal Artillery that were recruited in Newfoundland for overseas service. In 1949, Newfoundland joined Canada as the latter’s 10th province and part of the Terms of Union required the re-creation of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment as the primary militia unit for the province

Current day

Since 1992, soldiers and sub-units of the regiment have served to augment Regular Force units in Cyprus, Bosnia, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan on peacekeeping and combat missions, as well as Jordan, Iraq, Ukraine (prior to the February 2022 invasion) and Latvia for non-combat training and support missions. 

In addition to international deployments, members of the Regiment have been involved in numerous domestic operations within the Atlantic Regions (Operation LENTUS) to provide assistance for natural disasters, the COVID-19 pandemic , and other domestic initiatives.

Regiment Taskings

The Royal Newfoundland Regiment has multiple tasks:

1st Battalion is tasked with augmenting the 2nd Battalion Arctic Response Company Group, as well as conducting urban and amphibious operations.

2nd Battalion is tasked with the Arctic Response Company group, as well as supplementing 1st battalion urban operations.

Life in the Regiment

Life in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment is flexible. 

Our members enjoy the opportunity to balance their civilian carreers and/or school with service within the Regiment. 

Members who need work during the summers can benefit form the full-time summer employment initiative, enabling soldiers to take part in career courses, or worthwhile taskings. 

Furthermore, all deployments and activities are voluntary. We understand, as a Reserve unit, that your civilian job/school/family comes first, and as such it is your decision to take part in the the various exercises and other job opportunities. 

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